Crafting Fix #9 – Domestic Goddess pt. II

Alright crafting friends and confidants – it is time for part deux of the Domestic Goddess crafting adventure.  Part I if you recall created the most amazing apron to bake in, harkening to the days of Don Draper.  But no good housewife can pull a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven unless she has the proper pot holders to do so!

To start I took the pot holder that I had and took some measurements


Next I cut 4 large squares and 4 slightly smaller squares (for where you slip your hand into)

Insert batting inbetween the top and bottom layers of the big square and the smaller one.  This is to protect your fabulous fingers!

Before stitching all of the layers together, I cut out a decorative heart out of my contrast fabric for added detail.

Next I sewed in a cross hatch pattern pattern to stich everything together.

The next step was to attach binding around the top edge of the smaller square, and then around all of the edges.  I cut the binding from an old tshirt in a coordinating color.  This is a great way to reuse your old ratty tees!

et voila!  Pot holder supreme :) Happy baking.