Decor-it Yourself – Mapping it out

I am in total nesting mode, and it’s not even funny.  I have been super ADD with my crafting and decorating as I am overly inspired to make this place my home.  For the first time, I really feel like I might be staying put for a LA hot minute (which means more than 1 lease term).

While I was unpacking, I was hit by the Muses when I came across my vintage map calendar.  It is two years expired but I held onto it knowing that I would find some way to re-purpose its awesomeness.  And then it hit me, why not give my white kitchen walls some life.

The first step was to cut out the maps around the image lines

Next I arranged the maps I liked the best in a collage and called on my best friend – double sided tape to bring it all together.

But the collage wasn’t enough, I had to pull out the paint for a little extra craftiness :)

A few foam squares later and I had the perfect piece to make my kitchen map-tastic!