Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Well hello there,

It was almost a year ago that I started this blog.

It’s hard for me to remember who I was, what I wanted, where I was going, what I was doing back then.  This past year has been a B L U R.  A lot of shit went down last year, but honestly, when does it not?  I remember the major details – where I went, who came in and out of my life, the health dramas, the changing of apartment and the changing of job. It’s crazy how when you’re in school time seems to CRAWL by, longing for the end of the Term and impending brakes.  Once that formulaic structure is removed from your life, it’s like a ball rolling down a hill.  Always trying to keep up with the pace, trying not to fall (at least too hard) … it seems much easier to miss what you are passing by.

I still feel lost and unsettled.  I still feel like I know where I want to be but struggle to enjoy the time that it is taking to get there.

But overall I have a pretty positive outlook on the past year.  A lot of growth, a lot of change, and if anything my unsettling feeling keeps pushing me to seek out where I am running to.


With the pace of things, I HAVE been crafting.  Nothing crazy, nothing like I was before, but things have been made my loyal subjects.  So don’t take offense to me posting my Halloween costume blog in the middle of February, but I have a short back log of things to get through before getting to the new.  Hopefully my creative road block will open up by the time that happens.  So thanks for stopping by, and be sure to come back.



The Black Mamba