What a Wonderful Crafty World

Welcome to my world

conservation – creation – relation – conversation – crafting nation

This blog is a little bit of this, but mostly of that…that stuff that makes my world go round.  In a world filled with chaos and over-saturation, I choose to forgo all of that silliness for a world of crafty creation.  It’s the way that I can feel unique, independent, alive and pay back my debt for grinding for the Machine for a living.

I want to use this well exploited media form to catalogue my (mis)adventures in the world of DIY for myself and for the rest of ya’ll on the Internets.  Some of my most favorite past projects, anything new that I do, inspiration, and random musings will all be compiled here. Overtime things will get a bit more organized, so hang on through the growing pains…

If revenge is a dish best served cold, then I hope this brings chills down your spine.



Black Mamaba