Crafting Fix #4 – HALTer

Obnoxiously short skirts, the Hollywood Bowl summer series being announced, food truck festivals – it is apparent all over this fair city of mine that spring has sprung.  My friend was moving and unloaded heaps of fabric that have now found their new home on my floor (I will organize my room sometime mom, I promise) and amongst this new fabric stash was the springiest fabric I’ve ever seen save some dotted swiss action.  So in order to toast the middle of spring, I decided to utilize a free Sunday evening and my fabric of choice to create my own unique ode to Spring.

I decided to make a spring halter top – I started by draping the fabric around the form like so

Next I wanted to add some style lines and dimension – I decided to scrunch the fabric along the top edge to create a sweetheart neckline and shape to the side and center back.

To create the gathering I gathered the fabric with my fingers and then hand tacked them as shown in the photo.

In addition to gathering the fabric @ CF, I gathered at the side, and in two places along the back to get the shape that I wanted

When deciding how much fabric to gather, I wanted to make sure that the garment was not going to collapse

Note in the first photo how there is collapsing @ the waist

In the second photo I have picked up the fabric to ensure we have the proper drape without collapsing

Next I sewed up the center back seam and threw it on the form to see how it looked…and it was goooood :)

Time fore more details though…

I added a braided strand around the neck for a halter look and made a separate braided band that is removable for an empire seam – this helps provide more shaping in lieu of side seams

And Voila!  A halter that will make the boys halt when they come to the yard!  Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!