The LA Church of Brunch

Brunching on Sunday morning is not just an activity in Los Angeles, it’s a religion

Waiting in line at the Original Pantry Cafe

The weekend of birthday feasting continued this morning, much to my cholesterol level’s dismay.  My friend and I decided to take it back to where we first met – downtown LA and hit up one of it’s most tried and true dining establishments, The Original Pantry Cafe.  We used to frequent this joint back in the day when we lived around the corner from it, but it had been a good four years since I had visited it.

The Original Pantry Cafe is designated by the city of Los Angeles as a cultural and historical monument.  I know you probably see these signs all over the city, and it basically means that establishment is protected as a historical monument by the city.  The Cafe has been open since 1924 and it has remained opened 365 days a year, 24 hours a day since then.  Because of this they have the slogan “Always open and never without a customer.”

The Pantry is deemed to be a Cultural Heritage Monument

The place is no frills, and according to legend, mostly ex-cons man the kitchen.  There is always a line, but it is always worth the wait.  The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus can be found on the walls which can easily be viewed from any position in the place.  As soon as the line permits you to enter the gastronomic gateway, an overwhelming scent of fried delicousness envelops your nostrils as the clanking of plates and and chit chattering of patrons fills your ears.  The pancakes are a MUST try, we believe that they are sprinkled with crack and flipped with love.  The menu is good ol’ fashioned American food, no doubt about that.

mmmmmmmmmmm yeah!

Yet another delicious way to spend a Sunday with an amazing friend :)