Sun Dress Season

Usually we do not have spring in LA.  Typically it’s mild in March and then it just instantly warms up; however April saw its highs and lows, it’s rainy days and it’s foggy days, but it was finally super nice on the two days of the week that really matter to me – Saturday and Sunday.  I work in a building without windows so I rarely give a hoot how the barometer fares during the week.

With the warmer weather, I started busting out my dress collection with great ferver and put together this basic, yet fun and flirty outfit for my lovely afternoon with a friend in Downtown LA…

Remember Myspace photos??  This is me being so 2004

Hair was easy, my left side was pulled back with a pin

Super cute butterfly earrings to match the nails

Earrings – Lucky Brand

Scarf – hand woven scarf from a sewer at work

Baubled Necklace (hidden by scarf) – Kohls

Bubble Dress – sample sale @ work

Belt – Urban Outfitters

Bienvenue à ma Garde-Robe

It’s no secret how much I love everything French- the food, the culture, the language and of course the fashion.  Today I decided to channel my favorite city Paris and some stereotypical residents  (the mimes) in my fashion choices today and just thought I would share (sorry for the bad picture quality):

Dress – sample sale find at work

Bandeau – Target

Bolero Cardigan – Express

Butterfly Belt – Kimski makes Little Tokyo

Leggings – Target

T Strap Suede Shoes – Urban Outfitters

Regardez mon robe rouge si vous plait!