Crafting Quickie #1

I know the age of giving greeting cards has come and gone… but I am on a mission to bring it back

I’ve been making my own greeting cards ever since I could remember.  It all started with hand making Valentines for my classmates when I was in elementary school (and getting even more of a kick out of decorating my shoebox card receptacle), and later I graduated to the computer for all of my card making needs.

“Vintage” DIY computer software circa mid ’90′s (I’m dating myself I know :-p)

Programs like Createa Card (thanks dad) and Disney Studio opened up a world of possibilities as we entered the digital age.  They also used to have DIY computer card kiosks in the grocery store…do you remember those??

Anyway, whether I was using construction paper and glitter or software, I was making something unique and avoiding the purchase of cliche cards as well as putting a little bit more time and thought to the message that was inside the envelope.

Cliche cards = lame

So for my friend’s birthday last month I decided to forgo the typical card mediums (and I seemed to misplace the CD-ROM of Creata Card two decades ago..) and go the DIY route.  I always save random objects that I assume I will one day use in a Crafting adventure – however they usually just end up taking precious closet space and fighting my shelves for being covered in the most dust.  Finally the cardboard that I had been stockpiling came in handy.  Armed with my trusty glue gun and some fabric scraps – I whipped up this number in a jiffy:

Front of the card

Her favorite fabric is sequins, so that is self explanatory (and it makes the card extra trendy!!)  Every felt detail has something to do with her gift- a knitted cap (cap, yarn skein and needles), concert tickets (music notes), drinks (martini glass) and a game of tennis (racquet and ball).

Back of the card

The back provided enough space for me to write what I needed to say and then some :)

It doesn’t take much more than random craft supplies and creativity to throw something unique together as a fantastic DIY greeting card!